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Wall Climbing


The Ultimate Climbing Structures

The sky’s the limit as kids climb 6 different climbing structures, including a Net Wall, Warped Wall, Rock Wall, Skyscraper and Quantum Space Wall.


Climbing Walls

Think you’ve got what it takes to master our bouldering wall? This wall will put even the most athlete jumper’s skills and abilities to the test. Challenge your friends on this free climbing wall. The climbing wall is equipped with one of the largest airbags making the free climbing experience that much better for our jumpers.


Warped Wall & Mega Slide

Our warped walls come into different heights and challenge even the most skilled athlete. For those athletes that can push through the challenge and make it to the very top, get to experience our MEGA SLIDE with turns like you’ve never seen before. Think you can make it to the top?

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Vertical Walls

We offer several challenging climbing walls that will put your strength and stamina to the test. Race your friends to the top and see who is the king of climbing walls! Our easy and safe harness system allows you to glide down after making it to the very top of our wall! Think your up to the test?

Our 20 foot Vertical Climbing Walls are one of our more challenging walls to climb, but it is exhilarating as you race your friend up the structures for bragging rights.

wall obstacle course san antonio
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