Wall Climbing

The Ultimate Climbing Structures

The sky’s the limit as kids traverse 6 different climbing structures, including a Net Wall and our Quantum Space Wall.

Traverse Walls

The challenges are limitless as kids traverse 4 different walls, including a Tetris wall and a Wholes wall. Each wall is unique and built for various skill levels. Kids can move from one wall to the next or challenge a friend to race up the walls.

Quantum Space Wall

Our Quantum Space Wall can be traversed under black lighting or regular lighting and is suspended over a huge airbag. Give it your best shot as you try your climbing skills, but don’t worry, there is an airbag for you in case you fall. Others just like to climb and then jump off on to the airbag.

Net Wall

Our 20 foot Net Wall is one of our more challenging walls to climb, but it is exhilarating as you race your friend up the net for bragging rights.

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